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Activated Carbon Characteristic

Activated Carbon  
Is a carbonaceous adsorbent with high porosity, and hence a large surface area. It mainly consists of carbon element, and a few of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and moisture. Its structure is pilled up by hex collar elementary carbon, which is distributed irregularly. Just this unique internal porous structure creates activated carbonís micro porous and highly development surface area characteristic. It is tasteless, not smell, not be dissolved in water and in organic solvent.

Approximately, a quite big micro porous volume is 0.6 ~ 0.8 ml/g, the proportional surface area is 500 ~ 1,500 m/g, which can easily adsorb the organic high polymer. And, its outstanding properties can remove the tiny ingredient of the pigment and the ozone from liquid.

Its highly development porous structure is a kind of excellent absorbencies. Each gram of absorbed activated carbonís area is equal to around eight tennis coursesí area. This unique characteristic comes through physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.

Activated carbon is made from wood, charred hard fruit shells, fruit pits and bone. Coconut shell and coal are generally used. Basically, the activated carbonís production has two procedures. The first one is Carbonization. Heating and drier the raw materials, there are about 80% of the organic polymer carbonated at the temperature 170 ~ 600 . The second procedure is Steam Activation. This is attained by combing the steam and carbonís chemical & physical reaction. A gas blend of CO and H2 is processed during this treatment, which will burn off all decomposed organic polymer when it is heated to be temperature 800 ~ 1000 . So that is exact how activated carbonís outstanding structure has a large surface area, highly developed porous structure and high adsorption capacity and efficiency.

The poreís size depends on activated carbonís raw materials. The coconut shell activated carbonís pore size is the minimum one among all. The wood activated carbonís pore size is the maximum one. The coal activated carbonís pore size is between in theirs. They are particularly used in the liquid purification treatment. Such as the granular wood activated carbon is applied on urban water supplied.

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